View Full Version : enved8.dll Problem...please help :(

04-06-2006, 12:36 PM
hello to all your smart people

im a newbie in the program and just got it a few days ago and i really want to work with it in the future but i have some problems with it

after the instalation when i run modeler it gives me a enved8.dll error and i cant launch it

same thing happens to the lightwave itself after a few runs

i dont know what to do :thumbsdow

any help would be appriciated

i have a good pc

pentium 4 3000mhz, geforce 6600 256 mb, 512 ram

and i have a windows xp sp2 installed

please people i really in need of :help:

thanks pasha.

04-06-2006, 03:44 PM
a desperate bump

please help me i really need it :(

04-06-2006, 03:47 PM
On something like this I'd just get straight on the phone to tech support. Or e-mail them direct or both..

04-06-2006, 03:51 PM
i cant really call cause i think im from rather unusual location (Israel)
but i thought that here is the right place to get the the answers since its an official software site

i just dont like emailing cause people seem to ignore tech support or atleast wait for weeks

04-06-2006, 04:40 PM
sounds like maybe the Hard Drive has some bad sectors. run ScanDisk over it, fix the bad secotrs or errors, then reinstall lightwave.

i had a similar problem last year and that turned out to be the issue.

also note that rerunning the installer will give you the option to remove, reinstall or repair. in repair, it copies over all the main program
files (exe's dll's, etc). so you might not have to remove and reinstall. Although before you do this BACKUP EVERYTHING you created since you installed it the first time - objects, texture presets, etc. just to be safe.

- Will.

04-06-2006, 04:48 PM
thanks alot

so you think i should run a checkdisk

il try that but i did reinstalled lightwave 3 times and not once modeler worked

il do a scancheck tho and be right back


04-06-2006, 05:01 PM
no it didnt helped :(

i did a checkdisk

and then removed lightwave

and installed it again and now modeler and lightwave have the same enved8.dll problem

im hopeless

please help a poor guy out


04-06-2006, 07:40 PM
Hey, Shalom,

One thing you could check is any virus or spyware infiltration. If you do a remove and reinstall be sure to check that the files are deleted. Also be sure to delete the config files. Since you're using XP SP2 the firewall is active, if that's any concern. I think SP2 also has DEP and maybe that's causing a problem, although unlikely. What version of LW are you running?

04-07-2006, 02:21 AM
im runninig lightwave 8.5

04-07-2006, 05:13 AM
I had this same problem a few years ago, it was a virus on my computer. Make sure you do a full scan.

04-07-2006, 05:16 AM
thanks that helped :)

thanks alot for all your help people

lightwave rocks!

04-07-2006, 07:44 AM
no it didnt worked


after i did a restart both lightwave and modeler still has this problem!!!

i need help!!!

04-07-2006, 09:01 AM
Did you upgrade from previous versions. Did you download an upgrade. You may have a corrupted installation file. I would download the 8.5 and start from fresh. Save any content, configs etc and then do a complete remove of all things LW, from directory to Document folders. THEN try a reintall.