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04-06-2006, 06:36 AM
So this is a "Plugin basics".
I've compile sample TutorialBox1. When I trying to load it into modeler, it just crashes. Peacefully and quiet.
OK. Then Ive tryed without version checking. Now modeler just saying "Cannot load plugin..." What is that mean? Is version check causes modeler crash?
Source code copypasted, added #include for startup, shutdown and servmain. _WIN32, _X86_ and _MSWIN defined. Serv.def with _mod_descrip export added. Alignment 8. Is there something I missed? I believe tutors are crorrect, so looks like Im doing something wrong. But what? :help:
Hope someone can help me... Someon can, thats sure :) hope someon WILL help... Thx...

04-07-2006, 02:07 AM
Modeler passes to activation func version 0xDFF0000. Func returns BADVERSION. Modeler crashes. Everyone happy.

04-11-2006, 07:49 PM
One thing I found important was to make sure to include the DEF file. But I was not getting a crash so that might not be your issue.

Also I be curious what Compiler you are using, maybe there is comflict between the two. Also what version of Lightwave 3d are you using and does it match the SDK for Lightwave.

Also have you try loading Lightwave in the debugger. You can compile the debug version and use Lightwave.exe or Modeler.exe as your target and make sure exceptions are turn on. if it crashes in your code, it should bring up the code. Ignore the release mode message by the debugger.. you will not have source if falls in Lightwave, but you may have enough stack trace to find your code.

Disclaimer, I have yet done this with Lightwave, but done it many times with other programs - release mode issues are common problems in code. Please not also that some code will work in debug but fail in release mode, so a debug version code work. Ciommon case is uninitialize variables.

Hope this helps, I just starting to play with plugins - but long time experence in coding.