View Full Version : Exporting LW Objects to 3DS files ?

04-05-2006, 09:15 PM
I am attempting to export a large architectural model out of LW7.5 into the latest version of 3DS or Revit. Does anyone out there have any suggestions.....I tried the 3DS export plug in that came with my version of LW...but I kept getting an error message.....something to do with 3DS only wanting 3 vertise polygons...

And I googled for plug ins...but could only find a windoze version. And I use OSx.

...and this was such a fun model to build...it was an amazingly complex model of a large hotel condo ...and had an even more amazing file size of 1.3 megs.....the design professionals whom I work with and use 3DS and Revit. And they were stunned that a model this size could be so small.....but they were really amazed at the radiosity reflections and shadows of glass on glass.
Pretty stunning results for a little old Powerbook G4.

Help !

04-06-2006, 01:56 AM
Hi Avalon,

If you are trying to save as 3ds max you're out of luck - the max format is closed and unavailable to anything but 3ds max, your clients would have more luck finding an LWO importer for max to able to read the file. The 3DS exporter that LightWave comes with uses the old 3D Studio format, which only works with triangles, so to make it work with your model you need to hit Shift t to triple all the polygons in your model, you will then be able to save it. However, there's also another caveat with the 3DS format - it's limited in the number of polygons it supports. Another alternative would be to use the OBJ format for which max almost certainly already has an importer.

Last thing. Neither the 3DS format nor OBJ will completely keep the surfacing information you have used.