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04-05-2006, 09:28 AM
just had the unfortunate experience of learning about light incidence gradients, thought I'd share.

apparently, its a misnomer. it Should be called "object to object incidence"
Light incidence, is the angle of the light as it hits an object. One would assume that a gradient that is applied as a texture through Light Incidence, would take into account, the position and rotation, and possibly (if its a spot light) the cone angle of the light source.

this is NOT how Lightwave interprets its version of "light incidence". It simply figures out the vector from the pivot of the "light" to the pivot of the object. It ignores that Light may actually be headed in a different direction, or that it may not hit the object at all. You may as well let users use Nulls instead of lights. there is literally no benefit from using a light in this case. I know many users have figured this out already, and moved on. I put it up just in case somebody tries to use the Light Incidence Option in the gradient, and it doesn't work as expected. You aren't nuts. Lightwave is Not using real Light Incidence.