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04-05-2006, 09:04 AM
Hi, all

I have my scene in layout and need to import some dialogue which i have recorded. I am going into scene editor, importing audio but it is always putting it at zero on the timeline. When i change the number in audio start time it doesn't change anything.

Any ideas?

04-05-2006, 12:46 PM
Hmm, when you put in the Audio start time, are you entering the number thinking it's in frames or seconds? If you enter 1 for example, then it will start the audio at frame 30 (depending on what you have fps set to).

04-05-2006, 12:48 PM
What version of LW are you using?

I'm using LW8.3 and it works fine in Layout. You need to set the number of frames you want to advance [after 0] or retard [before 0] the start point of the audio file. An advance of 10 seconds would be frame 300 in the Audio Start Time pop open panel, a retard would be -300. Also you may need to scrub the timeline frame marker to get LW to recognise the change if you are adjusting start/end times.

Another example: 10 seconds 5 frames would be 305 etc.

Hope this helps.