View Full Version : Bone problem with hand model

04-03-2006, 11:14 AM
Hello guys, i posted this in the unfinished section, so i have no intention to double post, just thought it may get more response here.
Here's a hand i modeled today (please mind that i'm noob)
i rigged it like one of the tutorials i found in 'sinside lightwave 8'...
everything moves nicely and without a problem or deformities...well, if 'some' deformities...and i have no clue why :(
the fingers aren't actually attached.
Any ideas?
Id greatly appreciate all input!


Well, someone was kind enough to help me out in the original thread, so ill just let this die...
The solution was rather simple and was just overlooked by me in my learning process,
maybe peeps cant be bothered helping out with simple stuff here? *shrugs*
thanx anyways for reading...