View Full Version : Mouse Button Customisation

digital verve
04-02-2006, 11:43 AM
You can customise keyboard shortuts but how about the mouse in Modeler.

It would be cool if I could set the mouse on double click, to 'select loop' of current polygons (or edges when LW9 comes out). Would speed up workflow and leave extra keyboard letters available for more stuff, if the left, middle and right mouse buttons were customisable.

04-02-2006, 01:55 PM
I agree lots more mouse customisation would be fantastic :)

04-13-2006, 09:44 AM
Already asked in feature requests but i sure 3rd this request :). LMB Dbl Click, RMB Dbl Click and even MMB Dbl Click would be most welcomed. Although I don't know would MMB Dbl Click ne usable with rotating wheel but maybe it would work ;). I remeber in old days when I was payed 75-80 DEM (old Germany money before EURos) just to buy 3 button mouse for Amiga ;).

04-13-2006, 11:52 AM
And add:
Ctrl, Alt & Shift + LMB, MMB & RMB.
That would double my speed, I know because it did that for me in MicroStation.

Some of them are already being used for Viewport control, so half the work is done already ? :P

04-27-2006, 06:38 AM
I would like to be able to turn of "Trackball rotation". Switching between Maya and LightWave makes me confused. Also, I would like to be able to customize the keyboard shortcut + mousbutton, so I can get the exact same behavior in LightWave and Maya.

05-03-2006, 02:29 PM
I agree, more mouse customization would be great. I would like to have the ability to zoom with the scrollwheel for example.