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05-22-2003, 07:51 AM
Mike dons his flame-retardant suit

Based on the number of issues coming up again and again with LightWave, I'm posting this suggested format for announcing a problem/crash/issue with LightWave. I am not an employee or beta tester for NewTek. I have been a Mac user for over a decade, and a LightWave user since 5.0 for Macintosh. Start with the word or [CRASH] (or whatever is appropriate) in the topic. For example:

"[BUG]: Load Into Layer... does not work"

When you post a problem, post a [b]detailed description of the problem. Verify that your problem happens with the supplied objects or scenes on the LightWave CD. Using supplied content, document what it takes to cause the crash/error/alert. Pretend we are all stupid and put down step by step instructions of how you cause the crash, so others can test it for replication. Don't replicate with your own scene or object, because (frankly) you may have done something in that scene or object to generate the crash, which isn't a problem with LightWave or NewTek. Example:

A good example is something like:
When I try to load an object into a layer in Modeler, I get an error that says Unable to Open Object file:
1) From File->Load into Layer... select "cow.lwo" in the content:animals: directory
2) An error dialog appears saying "Unable to open object file" and the file is not opened.

A bad example is something like "I can't load objects into layers"

In addition, it is important to note your hardware and software configuration. With multiple combinations of OS updates, video cards, processors, and versions of Lightwave, this information can help others (as well as NewTek) to attempt to replicate the problem on similar or different configurations.

A good example is something like this:
2xG4/800 QS
1.1 GB RAM
OS 10.2.6
LW 7.5c
GeForce 4MX
NTSC - MiniDV cam (or PAL)
QuickTime 6.1

A bad example is something like this
1.25GHz G4

I think this will help all of us (and NewTek) to understand the errors and problems we are experiencing. It will also prepare us to effectively beta test the product, if NewTek decides to open a limited (or extensive) public beta.

<Mike carefully removes his flame-retardant suit>