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05-22-2003, 02:47 AM
In Modeler (but the same problems in LW as well) point the mouse to the file menu. It opens. Scroll up and down with the mouse. I see the different entries become black when passing. Until I reach the Recent File entry. This becomes black and opens its window. Cannot do anything with it. The entries below the Recent File entry can't be reached!
I've to scroll outside the File menu to be able to select for instance Close Object.
This is just an example of strange mouse behaviour. The same behaviour makes it difficult to select all kinds of other entries in menu's.
Also the File Menu doesn't close when I drag the mouse out of it. I've to click somewhere outside. It's as if the mouse glues to certain entries but mouse movements are possible although nothing happens then.
Hope I made my point clear. I tried different mouses (Logitech trackball with the newest driver, but also an ordinary Microsoft mouse).
Any ideas?

05-22-2003, 05:15 AM
What videocard do you use...

I've had a ****load of trouble with those crap Matrox cards and their crap drivers with their useless dual view drivers...

Maybe it's not you mouse (atleast i've never heard of a mouse driver screwing up the graphics or navigation on a menu)

05-22-2003, 12:49 PM
Hi Red,
I use a Matrox G450....But I already heard that that's not so good a card for animation. As I also use the machine for video editing, I'm looking for another card which is suitable for video editing and animation as well and having dual head for two VGA-displays. This seems to be very very difficult.
I used LW 5.5 before I upgraded a couple of weeks ago to LW 7.5 and had no problems at all in the exact same configuration. So that's why I think that it is somewhere in LW instead of my configuration. But maybe I'm wrong.

05-23-2003, 06:02 AM
Matrox G450 here aswell, try to use some new drivers or try stepping back through driver version...
I had the same problems with that card, i got solved by using new drivers (pretty old ones now) and i never use the dual head extra software as that tends to make it even worse...

Go for a Quadro, Geforce 4/FX or an Ati above the 9500 series or a nice Fire GL card...

05-25-2003, 02:51 PM
Hi Red,
I changed the Matrox 450 for a GeForce Ti4400 and all my mouse problems were solved! So you were right about the G450.
But I've got some other problems in return:
The preview window still doesn't show any picture when playing back a preview. And when I start the computer (IBM Zpro model 6866) I get this message (in Dutch, but translated into Englisg it says): Error 1801 PCI/PNP: no space available for shadow ROM. Then a window opens asking to open the BIOS and to make adjustments or to continue. In BIOS I tried everything but no way to make the errror gone. I downloaded SP 3 for W2000 Pro, set the video aprture to 256 MB (the Ti4400 has 128 MB on board) but nothing helped.
When choosing "continue" the computer starts normally and everything - except the preview window - works flawlessly.
Any ideas maybe?

05-28-2003, 09:04 AM
For your annoying 1801 PCI/PNP error you could try this thread:


I know it's XP not 2K but it's probably where I would start! :o


05-28-2003, 02:21 PM
Hi everyone!
The ways of computers are remarkable. I tried everything to get rid of the 1801-error, had alot of help of several people, including tech support of IBM and tech support of LeadTek, the manufacturer of the card, and the conclusion is: the GeForce Ti4400 is incompatible with an IBM Zpro model 6866.
OK. I decided to live with the mouse problem, put back my G450 and replaced my system workdisc by the backup systemdisc I always have available, because I had so much installed and uninstalled, etc. on that workdisc trying to get things working. And see: (almost) everything was OK. My mouse problem had gone! Incredible! I thought my backupdisc was exactly the same as my workdisc: I always take care that that's the case. And indeed all the applications and everything else IS the same!
Anyway, here is a happy fellow: saved 200 Euro on a new graphics card and my mouse problem is gone!
One strange thing: the first time I started LW even the preview worked. I closed LW, opened it again and now the preview doesn't work anymore!
Undoubtly I will solve that as well, or maybe I first have to decide to live with it. Anyone any ideas......!!??