View Full Version : FLX file format specification

03-29-2006, 08:00 AM
I would like to obtain complete FLX file format specification. Please advise.


03-29-2006, 12:33 PM

FLX are a type of flic or flc files...
Should be most of what you need.....
Google is your friend... :)

03-29-2006, 01:22 PM
I wish NewTek wouldv'e chosen a different file extension, because those are two totally different formats (but with the same extension and purpose).

03-29-2006, 07:38 PM
Yeah it depends on what version of .flx the poster was after....

I think the Newtek FPBM is far superior, but how many other programs
support the FPBM .flx files is very little, in comparison to the .flx that 3dsmax etc use.... Lightwaves .flx is a good format, that is just not supported very well...

So yes it can be confusing.
I thought the IEEE and someone else was meant to ratify these file extension things, but i guess not... :)

04-07-2006, 11:28 PM
I just finished most of an FLX viewer/export program, and here's some things I noticed:

The FLX format is severely under utilized, it can store more than 20 different buffers. But LW only stores four channels (RGBA). Although I guess there isn't much point in storing the extra buffers since almost nothing else can read a LW FLX.

It's no small task converting pointer based c to managed c#.

Doing RLE unpacking incorrectly can lead to psychedelic images.

Most importantly. There's a mistake in the st_FPHeader structure. The width and height are defined as short integers (2 bytes) but in an actual flx file they are stored as long integers (4 bytes).