View Full Version : Particle collision object not behaving (video example)

05-21-2003, 06:02 PM

I am trying to use a collision object for the particles flowing out of the doorway. I want them to pour down the steps. But as you can see, many of them are "leaking" through the wall.

MPEG-4 Video (800kb) (http://www.carm3d.net/media/HV_Test.MP4)

The building you see is NOT the collision object, I made a simpler version of it for collisions. Then I made sure it had no polygons with more than 4 points (it was giving me error messages about that). The wall they are leaking through is thicker than the wall you see, yet they are stubbornly leaking.. Any suggestions?


P.S. Quicktime v6 will view the video clip, as well as RealOne

05-21-2003, 11:41 PM
Not more than 4 points? actually everything should be triangles only. This is the cleanest way for the algorithm to determine collisions. Even then it may not work perfectly. This is a weakness in PFX. I simply suggest adding another instance of your collision with a small offset from your main collision object. In your case a simple plane would possibly do. Also a thing of special notice: PFX seems to work much better with its internal collision shapes like box, plane and sphere. So whenever possible you should try to use them instead of object based collisions.


05-22-2003, 06:26 AM
Thanks for the great tip! It helped me a great deal.. My animation is done, and it's rendering now... Here is a still image: