View Full Version : No plug-in of type AnimLoaderHandler found with name DirectShow(.avi)

03-28-2006, 09:27 AM

I was trying to load old(three years) object, and Lightwave gives error:

"No plug-in of type AnimLoaderHandler found with name DirectShow(.avi)"

There is videos in the surfaces, that seems to be causing problems now.

What might be causing this? I searched old post, at got few hits. They all seemed to be linked with screamernet. That might be the case in here too.

I checked the .cfg file and there is:

{ Entry
Class "AnimLoaderHandler"
Name "AVI(.avi)"
Module "P:\\Plugins\\Input-Output\\AVI.p"

And the plugin is found in that directory.

I checked the plug-ins in Lightwave, and the AVI loader is there too.

Modeller loads the file after pressing cancel, but videos are missing.
Layout gives error, and when pushed cancel, terminates. So I can't load the file.

Lightwave 7.5, Windows 2000, Pentium 4.