View Full Version : A specific command

03-25-2006, 06:41 AM

Is there a special tool in LW somewhere that would enable you to release a group of points one by one starting from the one nearest to the 0 X axis.

I know I could grab, lets say, 10 points and move, deselect the first one from 0 X axis using the other viewport, and continue to move on deselect another point and so on.

But I was thinking of something more automatic. Like, hold the group of points with a mouse, or just select them , and as you go, click and/or just type a button and it would realease starting from the first to the 0 X axis by itself. You would just drop points with that buton while you just move ahead with the mouse.

Am I being clear?

And if theres no such thing, nor a Plug-in (That rhymes), then could LScripts make such a specific special comand?

Thanks :)