View Full Version : LW Full Version Still Available w/ T(3)?

05-21-2003, 11:43 AM
Dear Paul,

It has been some time since I have written to this forum, but in the mean time we have been very busy with T2 in our live production environment. You may recall that we were successful in our live broadcast to a combined audience of over 4,000 here in New York. We successfully streamed a two-hour NTSC quality program to 3 separate locations throughout NY State using T2 as the downstream device (processing both audio and video). Just a couple weeks ago we concluded another program of similar proportions and used even more of T2's advanced features.

Now we are seriously looking into outfitting two additional stations with T3, so that we can operate from any of the 3 locations without having to transport our equipment. However, I have a couple of questions:

1) I heard that a full seat of LW7.5 would come with the T3 upgrade if purchased before a certain cut-off date. But I couldn't find anything more on this. We are very interested in this since we use LW extensively as well.

2) With minimum system specifications, how many DV streams can T3 successfully manage on the switcher bus without hiccups? We generally run 4 to 5 cameras for a program.

3) We are experimenting with some innovative ideas for managing a live performance and wonder if Newtek has given thought to this possibility. The following scenario is wordy and a little wild, so bear with me:

When staging a live performance, video, lighting, audio, and stage cueing and coordination is crucial. From a director's perspective, everything must come down to a united whole. Keeping track of this synchronization is generally accomplished with a cue script. I use an in house database driven application for generating such a cue script and with each event on the program that requires a response from us a cue is created. Each cue can then be associated with a specific action or multiple actions for lighting, audio, stage, and video. There are always a few surprises with each performance, but 99 % of the time things are fairly predictable, especially if you plan well. Still, it requires an extreme level of awareness and skill for a director to coordinate all of this activity even if he has a well-prepared cue script in front of him.

What we would love to do is tie these cue actions directly into our video, audio, and lighting controllers via computer. There are products out their that can manipulate this type of equipment programmatically via computer to some degree, but I havenít seen anything for video yet. Since T3 now incorporates the ability to send cues from the DDR to the switcher, what about the capability to send cues to the switcher from outside of the T3 environment? Imagine being able to control your entire technical treatment of a program through one integrated interface! We are exploring MIDI options on this level for our lighting and audio equipment and are beginning to see how this could be applied to our video switching.

Heavy thoughts, I know. If you have any comments the points above, I would be very interested. If not on point 3 then perhaps on points 1 and 2. (We always get accused of thinking out of the box.)


Robert Zick
FN Program Director