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03-22-2006, 09:49 AM
I love Lightwave, and have been an owner since 5.0. The way it works makes complete sense, for the most part, which makes this so perplexing.
What is wrong with the way backdrop images are handled in Modeler?
Of all the "problems" I see discussed on these forums, I never see mention of this one - one that IMHO has been broken since version 6.0. I've posted on this issue a couple of times over the years, but judging by the lack of responses, I guess I'm the only one who has the urge to put his head through the CRT every time I'm forced to use backdrop images in Modeler. Hit the wrong key, lose the backdrop image and start over. Once you finally get the image where you want it and save a backdrop preset (after losing it and starting over a few times) every time you make the mistake of using anything but the 0 key to toggle views, you lose the backdrop and have to go back and reload it. This gets pretty old after a few times.
Am I doing something wrong? In 5.6 and earlier, if you assigned a backdrop to a view, it would stay there, no matter what keys you used. Heck, it would even be there next time you opened up the program. Now, it seems there's no way to save a backdrop image to a view other than in a backdrop preset, which is lost everytime one makes an errant keystroke.
At the very least, backdrops should be able to be saved along with the views assigned to keys 1-9. One certainly shouldn't have to drill down to Display\Vew Options\Backdrop\Presets every time one makes the mistake of hitting the wrong key.


03-22-2006, 10:22 AM
When you save a view preset ( Ctrl+numkey ) you can disable certain settings from beeing included in the preset. Experiment with that, I never loose my backdrop when I change a view. I allways disable mapping type and independence and set it to single window when saving a view preset.

03-22-2006, 01:23 PM
When you save a view preset ( Ctrl+numkey ) you can disable certain settings from beeing included in the preset. Experiment with that, I never loose my backdrop when I change a view. I allways disable mapping type and independence and set it to single window when saving a view preset.

When you say single window, do you mean single pane? Would that be changing views? I've tried disabling/enabling the different options, but it still doesn't work. Like I said, this is something I've been battling from time to time since 6.0 was released. Maybe I'm stubborn, having learned how to do things in a certain way. There is no way, that I have found, to be able to jump from one view to another by way of 1-9 without losing your backdrop. Well, let me take part of that back. I'll explain:
Suppose you've got a standard keypad layout (if I recall correctly, LW used to come with the keypad assignments preset): 1=Back, 3=Right, 7=Top, 9=Perspective, and 5=Quad.
Let's say you've got a quad view with your backdrop image set-up in one or more of the individual panes. Now, you can toggle to a full screen view of the various panes using the "0" key no problem, but if you want to use 1-9 to jump to any single, full screen views, you lose the backdrop. The same will happen jumping from a single view to quad view or any other multi-pane view. The one thing I have found is that, if you've got a single pane with a backdrop at full screen, you can jump to the other orthographic views (top, back, sides) without losing your backdrop, however, jumping to the perspective view will lose the backdrop, and jump to any view with multiple panes, and the backdrop goes bye-bye.
So, I guess changing from a multi view to a single view (or vice-versa) or to perspective, is when you lose it.

03-22-2006, 05:15 PM
The only time it forgets the background, is when changing to perspective view. This can be annoying, if you need multiple perspesctive of them.. to change views often. But really i don't need to much

But generally i setup my viewports before modeling and just you the presets, quad, vehicle etc, or to change with "0" key over viewports, to go to full screen mode..... None of these things lose the background...

By clicking one of the views from say, top and changing it to perspective, perspective will lose the image setting. Changing from Top to UV, of from Top to Side will keep the settings.... You can switch to full screen perspective just by 0....

It should work better you are correct.....!

But you can see why it's doing it this way..... Perspective Viewports don't allow images....So if you load a backdrop preset with 3 images....

And then change say, the right view to perspective view, you have effectively
changed the preset, as the perspective will wipe the image, so when you click
the perspective back to right, it's loading it will never have the image of the preset..... You have to reload the viewports to how you saved the preset again.....

What needs to be fixed is, LW Modeler needs to support images in perspective view, this would make it work like all the other viewports.
By keeping the image loaded in viewport when changing to perspective.

03-23-2006, 07:30 AM
Well, yes and no. It's not just perspective that loses the backdrop. As I said in my post above, simply jumping from a quad view to a single pane view (or vice-versa), using anything but the "0" key toggle, will lose the backdrop, regardless of the view you're jumping to. It doesn't have to be the perspective view. The same happens from jumping from single to a multi-pane view, regardless of whether the perspective view is a factor or not. Again, it seems to be a problem when jumping between multi and single views, as well as the perspective view.

03-23-2006, 09:24 AM
Chris, try to hit shortcut keys WHILE your mouse cursor is on perspective window. Then it should work as RedBull described. IF you change any other view/window to perspective (any of non perspective) you'll definatelly loose backgorund and that's sure.

But snot so while ago I suggested in feature request part of this forum that I'd like to have small shourcut buttons for Backdrop and grid on each window (I posted in feature requests this year) so that we don't have to go in options each time when we loose background or grid. I have grid off in perspective window so when i switch any other window to perspective i also loose grid and not just background when i go back to top/botom/front/back windows.