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03-21-2006, 05:50 PM
I've run into an issue with capturing audio into VT. Essentially, sometimes it comes in as stereo (1L/1R) and sometimes as mono (1L). I'm far from an audio expert, but I think I have a basic hang of what goes where.

We're running a Mackie 1604VLZ Pro through the Audio in of the SX-84 via XLR (L & R).

1-3 are booms (which recently have given us abysmal sound. They are audio technica AT4073a's. The 1 works too well, the 2 and 3 barely pick up anything. They're powered directly through the XLR so it's not a battery issue. I generally have to up the trim so much that there's a lot of white noise seeping in.

We have two sennheiser lav's in 4 and 5. These we use the most (because of the boom issue) for our talk-show type set.
Now, depending on pretty much randomness VT will record audio either with both 1L and 1R or just in 1L. During playback this really wonks me with editing.
I can use the "mono" function in audio to spread the one track across all four channels (1L/1R;2L/2R), but this really lowers the audio level.

Another issue I've run into is that I seem to get inconsistent audio level between what I'm hearing in the headphones and what comes out in the final (usually broadcast online) product.
I set my main mix for phones to U and adjust the levels and gain for that, but consistency still seems to be a big problem.

Soooo... any audio attuned folks in here that might be able to clue me in on what probably completely obvious thing I'm overlooking?