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03-21-2006, 09:38 AM
This is sample sources don't eqval to any other Grandpace project! Is fully new! If my sample source to give assistance to you, please send me any nice gift parcel!

Whoever whorth take a good look in downloadable file, because of have runable exe and template lwo object.

Go in for doing visit for www.grandpace.hu (http://www.grandpace.com/)! I will freqvently refresh new and better sample source.

VisualStudio 6.0 C++ workspace samples:
Required: Installed current issue DirectX9 SDK

Load LightWave3D (lwo2)object file in program and show you in windows grandpace_ose_0.1.zip (http://www.grandpace.com/transfer/opensource/grandpace_ose_0.1.zip)

Coming soon..

Save Grandpace International Object file frormat optimised for games - GIO
Move and turn objects, lights and cameras by vectors and matrices!
Read LightWave3D scene (lws) - animated objects by VertexShader
Save Grandpace International Animation file format - GIA !!!! :)
PixelShaders format - GIX

03-21-2006, 03:49 PM
Sound good, I'll keep watching it!