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03-20-2006, 12:05 PM
Hi all,

Was wondering how i could take a image sequence into lightwave and then render that to an avi? Can this be done in LW or do I need and external program? The images were originally created in LW

03-20-2006, 12:07 PM
you can set the seq as your backdrop image(CTRL +F7) and render to avi.
But it's better to use "a real" video compression program.

03-20-2006, 12:20 PM
Ok not quite sure how to do that. I went to the image processing tab and loaded the first .tga into background image, what else do i need to do? First frame shows fine but cant get the others to show.

03-20-2006, 12:22 PM
image editor. change image type to sequence.

03-20-2006, 12:27 PM
Sweet! Thank you for your speedy replies! That worked like a champ. Can u recommend a program, be it freeware or for not very much, to convert image files to a .mov or .avi or whatever? Thanks again for your help.

Daniel G. Smith
Lightwave Newbie

03-20-2006, 12:43 PM
I think Quicktime Pro does it. only $30.

03-20-2006, 12:58 PM
Use LightWave.

Change your camera to being the same size as your rendered frames, turn off anti-aliasing;
Load your sequence and assign it to be a backdrop image;
set your animation file type and hit F10 - this is also a good way to translate between animation formats or resizing an anim. Render times are minimal.


03-20-2006, 01:24 PM
External apps are doing the same thing, so user preference is the only reason to use an external app.

For example, when you render to a quicktime movie in LW, you are tieing into Quicktime and using QTPro's functionality. So once again, it really comes down to user preference.