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03-19-2006, 12:27 PM
Hello at newtek I downloaded your LWCAD 1.5 to see what it was. I cannot get it to install I placed it in the same program folder where my lw 8.3 is ,and opened it up when it asked for the configuration folder path I have tried every conceviable location I can think of I have tried to install it to every folder in the C/program files/lightwave 8.0 ther is and it will not install. Could you give me some help. Also I have experience with Autocad, is LWCAD going to be a true cad program,example can you dimension,lettering,multiple layering, how are the drawings sized . How are they saved what format will they be saved as .dwg ?so it will be compatable.Autocad is the most used cad program which I heard just bought Alias It sure would be nice to give autocad a run for there money. Some real compatition but LWCAD will have to be able to be used as a replacement for Autocad in a production environment. Thank you for your help cant wait to try it out once I get it installed.:D

03-19-2006, 02:12 PM
The LW Configurationpath is where your lw config files are on Windows systems this is at documents and settings/username
The installationspath is program files/lightwave folder/programs (where your modeler.exe is placed.
And for the functionality see www.wtools3d.com.

03-19-2006, 06:30 PM
There should be a file called InstallNotes.rtf in the folder under "lwcad 1.5c dual" that was created when you unzipped it. It has information about a quirky thing you have to do for an automatic install. Personally, I chose to perform the manual installation on my system (how-to instructions in the InstallNotes.rtf) rather than the autoinstall.

Coming from an AutoCad background myself, LWCad is more of a toolset for LW to make it easier to create precision 2D geometry and use shape tables among other things. It doesn't create DWG files or do dimensioning or lettering. It won't give AutoCad a run for its money, but it makes it alot easier for us engineering types to create geometry faster. I enjoy using it and appreciate it a lot. I especially like the snap feature.