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03-18-2006, 05:11 PM
I've been playing around with cycle and following an old tutorial in Inside Lightwave 6 ( I find inside 8 very limited on info for expressions) .

All seems great in the tutorial but what I'm still confused about is the low/high value and what it actually equates to. I thought it meant that 0 was the start point of the controller and 1 was the end point (the last key frame for the controller) So if I had a Null as a controller and set it to move 700mm on the Y then 700mm would equal it's high value. With this in mind I set up a null to control a Morph for another object over 10 frames. I kept it simple by moving the null to its 700mm point on the 10th frame. I'd also set the morph animation over 10frames so it was morphed to 100% at the 10th frame

So the end result I expected was if I moved the Null to 700mm over 10 frames the controlled mesh would morph to it's complete 100% state once the null got to that 700mm. Instead what I got was the morph only morphing part way. If I extened the height of the null to say over a metre and still 10 frames then the morph would get to it's 100%. Which makes me think that there's a certain distance that the high value has to be?

The other problem I've got is trying to apply cycle to a rotating object which is what I actually want to achieve with a swing arm and some suspension. If I rotate the swing arm the suspension just snaps between it's normal state and it's 100% morphed state with out any in between.

Any help would be gratly appreciated.

If none of this is clear I can post the scene.

Pete B