View Full Version : Announce: Template Maker Pro (VT/TriCaster)

03-18-2006, 12:54 PM
youngmonkey is pleased to announce the release of Template Maker Pro for VT and TriCaster. Template Maker is such a necessary plugin that some NewTek dealers are now bundling it with every new VT and TriCaster sale. The new Pro version adds several features requested by some our more prolific users.

Template Maker (Pro) allows you to create custom Title Templates/Overlays within the VT/TriCaster desktops. You are no longer restricted to just the presets included with the VT/TriCaster. Design alpha channel overlays, lower thirds, or even full screen graphic displays - fast and easy!

- [Pro] Template loading/editing
- [Pro] Upto 30 Text and 30 Image items
- [Pro] Rotation resolution increased to 1 degree
- Justify: Bottom: Left/Center/Right
- Ability to overwrite existing templates

An upgrade to the Pro version is available through our online store for users of Template Maker.