View Full Version : Audio Mixer commands broken?

03-18-2006, 06:24 AM
Every command I try to use in audio mixer gives me a "Invalid Syntax" errors.

I try to use commands like:

SetMicVolume_Right( 10 )
SetToasterOut( 50 )
SetCue( 1 )


John Perkins
03-18-2006, 09:54 AM
I just did a search on the VT source code and I can't find those. :(

SetMic isn't anywhere, so none of those are going to work.

I guess I've got some more scripting documentation to do.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Edit: I can't figure out what happened, but it looks like the mixer commands were removed. I'll try to find out where they went.

03-18-2006, 01:39 PM
I wrote a script for a client that bought a VT for a studio that has a predefined set of setting.

1) Component 1 Chroma-key on IVGA.

2) Component 1 pip with Composite 2a

3) Component 1 pip with Composite 3a

4) Component 1 pip with DDR

and a bunch of these on their own (i.e. just IVGA, just CP1 etc).

I have set each setting to a numeric keypad key using Tscript. I did have some problems with "SetTBarPosition" but he is willing to use "AutoToPosition" instead (I'll post my problems with "SetTBarPosition" in a different thread).

He would like to have different setting to Audio mixer for each camera combination. So I'm trying to send script commands to Audio Mixer to mute or set volume levels on different channels.

I love the power I get from Tscript.