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03-18-2006, 03:20 AM
This little program was growing up!!....
It gets great displacement brush,and realtime paint tools,UV unfold tools.
and beside that,I found some of its' new funtion was basic on LW's tools...but more sharpen.....

such as our muti rail-extrude become this one

IMHO,those maybe a hint to NT.Our tools aren't useless......there just need improve......

03-18-2006, 09:10 AM
OK, so that's where Amorphium was 10 years ago.

But the menu's had those little icony thingies......mandatory no sale here.

$350 for that
$495 for Z-Brush

Z-Brush better

03-18-2006, 03:58 PM
it actually looks pretty good to me..:hey:
though you don't get z sphere type modling an d the painting is not as good as z brush possibly..you do get a proper interface to work in!:agree:

seems that Zbrushes reain is comming to an end..with silo 2 showing displacement modeling and now hexagon..plus M**O having some displacement modeling arriving whenever the next version gets out...

i wager that max, xsi and maya will have these features soon..they [max, xsi and maya] already have push/pull modeling brushes...

i did notiice that the hexagon brush was not a symentry in action brush...hope they can do this too...wouldn't like to hav to repeat my edits
on the othe side for lack of one of them!

03-19-2006, 03:00 AM
How does the UV mapping in hexagon compare to z-brush?

03-19-2006, 03:49 AM
well it should have unwrap tools like in Modo, orUVneter plugin for Lw.
ZB has different approaches, like AUV maps and GUV maps. plus it accepts UVs from your .obj u can export from Lw or other apps so if you want, you can work with unwrapped UVs.
for Lw, you can also import ZB AUV or GUV, into your Lwo (cool) usinig a plug called Zwave.:thumbsup:

03-19-2006, 05:11 AM
$350 for that
$495 for Z-Brush

Z-Brush betterHm, Hexagon 2 = $269 according to their website or only $199 if you buy Hexagon 1 now with a free upgrade to Hexagon 2 when it is released.


Don't you just love software companies and their promotional offers :D

03-19-2006, 05:35 AM
i love the 'instant ambient occlusion' feature

best option is to try the demo and see if you like the interface/workflow

also keep an eye on silo3d developments...and maybe lw9 too.