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03-15-2006, 10:34 PM
Assuming that two seperate layers have the same amount of points. How would one go about using the Background to Morph tool to morph one object into another smoothly. Basicly everytime I do it the points don't seem to go to the right places. Is there a way to assign a point order so Point A in layer one will match with Point A in layer 2?

03-17-2006, 01:07 AM
if the points end up in the wrong place your point order has been scewed up.

you can probably fix it with Mesh Reknitter ( check Flay ). Select 2 poly's on one object, then use Mesh Reknitter to recalculate the point order. Then select the same 2 polgons in the same order on the other object and use Mesh Reknitter again.

If all went well you'l be able to ceate an endomorph.

good luck