View Full Version : Screamernet Workaround

05-20-2003, 09:20 AM
Dirk van Sloten (http://homepage.mac.com/nonplanar/) clued me in on a little trick:
You can yank the dongle out after you start rendering and Layout will still render fine.
So what, you ask? Well....
How about if you installed LW on another machine, loaded a scene, hit F10, yanked out your dongle then returned it to your main machine and worked on a new scene? ah?

I have a lot of rendering to do AND need to work on even more crap simultaneously so I was trying to figure out how to have LWSN render solo (I know it's possible and someone recently posted their "how to" but I couldn't get it to work) but this is even better. I've also noticed that rendering from Layout is a bit faster then rendering from LWSN, so bonus!

I don't know if this is technically illegal, but if Screamernet was a bit more functional in the first place I wouldn't have to pull this nonsense.
I just figured that this might work for all of you (until recently, me too) who can't even get Screamernet to work AT ALL.