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03-11-2006, 01:26 PM
Hey, I have a issue that I am trying to fix. I am not too advanced in computers but I am trying. When I capture videos into the vt4, why does it take up such a rediculous amount of space? I did a demo recently and had a few hundred clips wich were only a few seconds each, and that filled up a 250 gb hard drive.
Is there anyway to compress the file, while still being able to use it in the timeline/vtedit? Without compromising any quality?
Also what is a good/easy way to get that finished segment on dvd? I have tried ulead and it is a pain in the @ss. Any better dvd burning software?


John Perkins
03-11-2006, 02:42 PM
The reason it is so large is because by default it captures in highest quality, that's roughly 80GB per hour. On a 250GB drive that should still be over 3 hours of footage, so I'm not sure how many clips you've got, but there must be a ton of them.

Any time you compress much at all, you will lose some quality. Our NT25 codec isn't bad though and it only takes about 12GB per hour, similar to DV. Many people will never see a difference.

I'm not in front of a VT system right now, so you'll want to look at the manual on how to change the setting.

DVD Workshop is really one of the easiest "real" DVD authoring apps to use. Maybe you should ask in the DVDws forum with some specific questions.

03-11-2006, 03:14 PM
Thats sounds about right for the amount of clips that I have in there...
I have had such trouble with ulead, I have had a 4 minute demo that I needed to burn to dvd through ulead, it took me a few hours each time(when it wasnt crashing) to put the in and out points precisely where I want them, get the audio levels where I want them, etc. It just seems like its not that professional.
Oh and also, how come I loose soo much quality when doing that? at my workstation I am using 15 year old sony monitors, and the quality of the video coming out the vt4 is amazing, but then when I burn that on dvd, the graphics get all distorted and everything seems to be burned at a lot less quality.
In the vt4 are you supposed to render the video before opening it up in ulead? if so how do you do that, I have read the instruction manual thoroughly and it didn't seem to work for me.
Your replys are greatly appreciated!

John Perkins
03-11-2006, 06:41 PM
It sounds like you are trying to use the DVD authoring app as an editor.

You do want to edit your footage down before it hits Ulead. It isn't designed to handle that kind of workload. Normally you don't do any editing at all inside DVD Workshop.

There are two compression settings you will be interested in. One when you capture, i.e. the space/quality on the hard drive and the MPEG compression quality in Ulead, i.e. how much space/quality on the DVD.

You have to balance time to quality on the DVD. The more time you put on, the less quality you can get. If you're doing 45minutes or less, crank it up to 7Mbits per second (the highest safe value, your disks might skip in some players if you go over this) and get great quality. Above that and you will have to get a feel for the quality you get at different levels of compression.

I think DVD Workshop defaults to a low quality/long-play compression, so you will probably need to change that.

03-11-2006, 08:50 PM
perfect thanks so much. fyi : I fixed the problem, I uninstalled it and reinstalled one last time and it is working beautifully now.
thanks for all the help!