View Full Version : People in a room

03-09-2006, 11:23 AM

this is my first post here, but I have been using LW for a fairly long time now.
Anyway, the attached image displays some characters that I modelled in a simple room.
The non-robot characters are rather simple, but have a more detailed texture (especially for the face). Some of facial textures are hand-painted, but I also mapped some photos onto the faces (it is probably obvious where I did the latter).


Some technical details
The lighting is done using the spinning light trick with shadow-mapped spots, but I also used one area light. All characters are made with subpatches with TB-fakeskin for the subsurface scattering effect. I did some post processing: an overlay-layer and and some glow.

I consider the image mostly finished, but there is still room for improvement.
Let me know if you have suggestions.

Best wishes