View Full Version : modeller / animator needed 7 second spot

03-09-2006, 10:25 AM
I have need of someone who can do a basic, no frills model of a person (car salesman) for a possible local commercial venture. My modelling and animation skills are not at the level needed for this and I'm looking for someone that might be interested in tackling it. The person is seeking to create a memorable 'signature' in the character for possible use in their car commercials on comcast in the future. I have enclosed a sample video link of his image and speaking below. The initial total budget for this spot/sample is $500 for a 10 second sample ( I think the video sample is around 7 if you split it in half) which includes animation and compositing on video. There is potential for a greater reward should the client like the outcome of the sample. If you're interested, and want to create something, let me know. If you do compile a sample of model, and / or video please feel free to watermark it as needed for your protection of property. Thanks, video link is below:


03-09-2006, 10:40 AM
Have you thought of Poser (http://www.e-frontier.com/article/articleview/1597/1/281?sbss=281)?

03-09-2006, 10:54 AM
Actually I own Poser, but the included figures would need to be manipulated somewhat to get close in looks to the subject, not exact but at least an older man. My skill set with animation and modelling is not to the level needed for this, that's why I'm soliciting for outside help. I wish I could, but the reality is I'm not at that level yet.