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03-08-2006, 07:12 AM
Hi all together,

I'm having a hard time on how to identify the object layer an item refers to.
lets say we have a list of objects with layer, point, poly, surface ... information and a list of items with information about scaling, translation, rotation and so on.
It easy to map a item to an object by using the object info global to get the object's file name. However since it's possible to have items in lightwave that refer only to a certain layer of an object, the file name itself is not enough for me.
The only solution i found in the sdk is to use the name of the item that looks as follows for items based on objects having several layers.

"objectname:layername" eg. "table:top" or "table:Layer1" if the layer wasn't given a name

is there a better way to map an item to an object and the appropriate layer than using the item name? it seams to be a bit complicated to do it that way.

thx for any help!