View Full Version : NAB Top 10 Must see-Tricaster

03-07-2006, 08:52 PM
Just got an e-mail from NAB and TriCaster was listed as "one of the top 10 products you need to see".
Not sure how NewTek got it there, but that's great exposure! :thumbsup:

03-16-2006, 03:40 PM


03-16-2006, 10:54 PM
Bill, thanks for reviving this cool marketing item. This got burried in no time with all the lightwave stuff on the general forum. :D

03-17-2006, 11:34 AM
My son and I went to a Newtek tour here in KC and they demoed the TriCaster. It's a pretty impressive piece of hardware/software. He was able to see how it could be used in his videos, such as footage from the racing circuit.