View Full Version : Add Plugins Permanently?

Chris S. (Fez)
05-19-2003, 06:37 PM
Using 7.5c. Plugins will not load and stay loaded. I have to add them every time I start Lightwave. Used to be if I closed Lightwave and restarted the plugins and scripts would be there. Not now. What's going on?

Doug Nicola
05-19-2003, 09:33 PM
Did you look at your lwext3.cfg file? This file keeps all the paths to your plugins. Check it after you add a plugin and close LW, and see if the file timestamp has changed. It should have changed to indicate the file was updated. You can also look to see if the new plugin you added is in there. Do a 'find' on the plugin name, it's a big file!

On Windows 2000, the file is in your Documents and Settings folder, under your user name. I don't know where it is on the Mac.

Capt Lightwave
05-20-2003, 01:24 AM
Make sure your lwext3.cfg file isn't write protected...

05-20-2003, 07:26 AM
You read my mind, Capt. LightWave.

Capt Lightwave
05-20-2003, 12:39 PM
I knew you were going to say that... ;)

Chris S. (Fez)
05-20-2003, 02:35 PM
Doh! The configs were write protected. Thanks!

Capt Lightwave
05-20-2003, 03:29 PM
Been there, done that, buddy. :\

05-20-2003, 04:37 PM
On the flipside, write-protecting your configs can be v. useful - particularly as Layout takes some of it's config settings from whatever scene file you have loaded (try it - load some of the demo content and you'll see OpenGL fog, Safe Areas, backdrop colours and all kind of little things being set by the scene...) - Get LW set up just the way you like it then WP the configs - saves lots of little annoyances later... Oh, and backing them up is a good idea too :D