View Full Version : DV AVI on a External hard Drive

03-07-2006, 12:58 PM

For our live productions with VT[3] we have some animated lowerthirds, animated bugs, and stuff like that.
The files are RTV files with alpha channels, stored on our 140Gb SCSI Array. We use DDR/DSK to overlay it.

Now, the question is:
Can i record my program out on a external firewire (as a DV AVI file) using the video capture resource while doing all this?
The computer and VT[3] will be able to do all this without crash?

My System:

- Windows XP Professional
- VT[3]
- Intel Xeon 2.8 HT
- 1GB Ram
- 128Mb nVidia GeForce FX
- 100Gb HD (for Windows and all other softwares)
- 140Gb SCSI Array (for animations - rtv with alpha channel)
- 140Gb External Firewire Hard Drive