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03-05-2006, 03:58 PM

TrueArt is proud to announce today second video presenting EasySpline capabilities in true real-time patching, this time with modeling real 3d object - boat..


On video Pen tool is used to create basic geometry that's later quickly transformed by EasySpline_MakeSpline to 2 vertices curves, and then essencial EasySpline interactive tool EasySpline_SplinePoint is used on them to add and modify additional points.. When rough spline model is ready EasySpline Polygon Handler is run to show full wireframe model and VirtualMirror v2.0 to mirror it in oposite x axis..

When bottom of the boat is ready, top and bottom splines are splited and new spline created between two selected points in the same operation by EasySpline_BuildSpline (therefore real-time spline model doesn't disappear and no point welding is required - Build Spline does this automatically and intelligently)..

Later EasySpline_SplineExtrude is used on 2 top splines and newly created splines are rescalled and moved to the inside bottom of boat and points are added by Spline Point..

More informations and pre-ordering EasySpline v1.0:

EasySpline users that pre-ordered already are welcome to purchase VirtualMirror v2.0 to use full integration between these two great tools to show spline models mirrored in oposite X axis in real-time while they're patched (unfortunately VirtualMirror v1.0 is not sufficient)..

03-05-2006, 04:23 PM
looks intersting...i had to create a boat hull a while back and used a spline patch in max 7.0.....:thumbsdow took ages!

can we see the finished smooth shaded model in he next video or still?

03-05-2006, 04:28 PM
just to show ya.....