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03-03-2006, 05:35 AM
In short: what 3d apps work, with what renderers? And in which cases does one need a plugin? And which versions numbers are involved, in the varied apps?

While still using an old/trusty ver. of truSpace, with renderings that farily shout "CG" images, I think what I'm looking for something in the "photo" look re renderings - and, yes, I'm aware that LW's rendering engine is well praised.

Having gotten cable modem last week finally, after yrs. of pokey pete dialup, and as you may guess I've pretty well run amok & D'L almost every major 3d app that can be had for a trial ver., to get a feel for each app's offering and the look and feel of each program.

ButButBut... I'd still like to know from those of you with much wider exp. than myself, about which 3d app can be used with which renderer, and which ver. # of apps are you speaking of in your replies? The stuff I draw is not notably complex, but again, renderings I have in my old standby (truSpace) just don't cut it. Or, perhaps my eyes have seen what's out there, making me drool for More everything! <g>

Then, too, I realize I'd have to move beyond the tS 3D app that I have (and perhaps at the moment I'm floundering as to > which app to go with < but I also realize the renderer - depending on what you want or what you are doing - can be a very crucial factor in this equation.

Thoughts on the matter appreciated, as always.
Thanks, SG1 (Pat)

Captain Obvious
03-03-2006, 07:05 AM
Some renderers are plugins for applications, like Kray and Fprime. These two will ONLY work in Lightwave, and there is no way, no how, to get them to work with, for example, trueSpace.

Vray, for example, is also a plugin, and you still need a 3D application to hook it into. But it works with trueSpace (I think) and 3dsmax and a few other Autodesk applications.

Some other renderers are essentially stand-alone applications into which you load your completed scene for rendering. Maxwell is an example of this. However, Maxwell also has plugins for LW, 3dsmax, Cinema 4D and a few others, so you don't have to use the stand-alone application...

Anyway, when it comes to which application you should choose, I'm afraid nobody can answer that for you. You'll just have to try them and see which you like best.