View Full Version : Capturing from 1394 just got weird?

Keith Nealy
03-02-2006, 12:21 PM
I've been capturing DV via 1394 thru two camcorders, a sony and a jvc. Like about twenty hours worth with no problems.

All of a sudden, when I plug in one of the cameras hear the 1394 engage with windows then immediately disengage. :stumped:

I can still use my external 1394 drives... they still mount OK and I can play AVI's off them with no problem. so the card seems to be working.

And I have tried all three ports on the card.

To confuse things even more, when I hook up my JVC DV500, it syncs up perfectly.

To check out the ports on the two cameras, I can hook them both together via 1394 to make DV dubs with no problems... so the ports are OK and... the obvious choice... I have tried new cables.

I still cannot get those two cameras to lock up. They used to be flawless.

Should I unistall the driver and let windows reinstall it upon reboot?

Install a new card?

Any Ideas would be welcome.

thanks, guys.