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03-02-2006, 10:25 AM
I just set-up a new VT system and I am having problems. I hope somebody can offer some suggestions. I bought top-shelf components to avoid issues but so-much for that idea.

I have three issues:

1.) When inputting video sources in the VT system via the SX-84, the video sources are only visible on a sporadic basis. Sometimes all the video sources are visible, sometimes 2 out of 3, sometime none at all. This problem is further complicated by the fact that they also seem to come and go with no reason. To elaborate further; the video may be present from all inputs upon opening VT, after a few minutes some or all of the sources may disappear. If VT is left running some or all of the sources may reappear or not.

2.) The second issue has to do with the VT card itself. When shutting down through XP the box powers down fine, when I fire the box back-up the green LED on the VT card does not light, nor is the card recognized by XP / VT. If I shutdown, unplug the computer for the wall AC, wait 5 seconds plug it back in and restart the VT card is activated again.

3.) The third issue I have is when the VT card is recognized, it will not complete the auto-calibrate mode, it freezes on Channel B composite A.

The box configuration is as follows:

Supermicro X6DA8-G2 Motherboard
Supermicro SC743S1-650 Case w/ hot-swap SCSI cage and 650W power supply
2x 1GB of Kingston DDR2 400 Ram (Part # listed as compatible w/ MB by Supermicro)
2x Intel 3.4GHz Xeon Processor
4x 300GB Fujitsu 10,000 RPM Ultra-Wide SCSI 320 80-pin drives (media)
1x 150GB Seagate SATA Drive (system)
MSI NX7800GTX PCI-16X Nvidia 7800 Video card w/ 256MB RAM
Lite-On IDE DVD Burner
Using the on-board SCSI controller (Adaptec)

VT Hardware:


I have tried the following:

Reseated and moved the VT card to different slots (PCI-33, PCI 100 PCI 133)

Changed the power leg which feeds the VT card and verified the power output both by meter and software.

Upgraded to VT4.6 and successfully flashed the VT card

Removed the MSI video card and put in a PCI video card.

Flashed the MB BIOS with the newest release - V2.

Disabled the power management features on the board.

Formatted and reinstalled the OS (XP SP2) and the VT software.

Changed all of the cables to the SX-84

Verified all input video sources and cabling

Im open to suggestions HELP.

03-02-2006, 02:37 PM
I've got three nearly identical systems. From the symptoms you list, it sure sounds like the VT card is the problem, either as a result of bad interface with the MB (poor power or connection to it) or a defective VT card. I'd check with Tech Support.

03-02-2006, 03:04 PM
I've got a nearly identical system as well, and although I've had my share of problems, they were nothing like the ones you've described. I agree that it's time for you to talk with tech support about this.

Also, in case no one else tells you (or you didn't already know), you should split up your video drives onto both SCSI channels for a big leap in performance. My R/W speed went from ~150MB/s to ~250MB/s on that very board using four 10K SCSI drives after I split them to two drives per channel.

Also, through the help of John and others here, I've determined that Slot#3 is the best for the VT card, which starting from the green ZCR slot is the 3rd slot "up".

Good luck!