View Full Version : Quicktime Texture Map problem

02-28-2006, 05:31 AM
I work with LW on a MAC and PC so it is easier to use quicktimes than avi's for animated texture maps, mostly transparency.

Here is my problem. Sometimes the QT map gets stuck. It will only play out part of the animation in layout and sit. If I scrub the timeline, it will change where it gets stuck (so it's not the end frame setting in the image editor). Eventually I can get the animated maps to run all the way through. At first I thought this was just a display problem, but it renders that way as well. So before I render I have to keep sliding through the timeline until I get the animation to finish, so I am sure it will render out correctly.

Does anyone else have a problem? If not and you are using QT's, how are you creating them (compressor?). I usually just use the "animation" setting out of After Effects to create the maps.