View Full Version : Instillation Problems Solved (for OS X)

05-18-2003, 06:56 PM
Ok, the LightWave updaters have problems, but i think i figured out how to get them to work right.

I will be installing from my 7.0 CD, i am putting the lightwave folder on the desktop although it can go anywhere you want. I am using OS X 10.2.6

First, install 7.0 from the CD using the installer, select the desktop for it to install onto.

Then, you need to update to 7.0b. In the 7.0b installer, you just select the right hard drive, and it will find you lightwave folder.

Then, you install 7.5. This is the messed up one. It will update the folder correctly, but only if it is called LightWave 3D 7.5, otherwise it will create a new folder, which is missing certain files. To get around that, RENAME the "LightWave 3D 7.0" folder to "LightWave 3D 7.5". THEN run the installer and select the Desktop folder (or whatever its in). It should update the folder correctly.

Then update to 7.5c. Again, select the folder that the LightWave 3D 7.5 folder is in.

When i followed these steps, everything opened correctly, all plugins were present, and i found no missing files or folders at all.

G4 400, 2Gb RAM, 440Gb HD, Radeon Mac Edition 32Mb DDR, Mac OS X 10.2.6

06-16-2003, 05:24 PM
Does it work though?

The way I understood it the 7.5 updater was supposed to create a new folder so that you could continue to use 7b (the one that isn't messed up) to finish projects in progress, the only things 7.5 updater doesn't install are the contents folder, the SDK folder, the PSFonts folder and of course the licence key but then you'd only expect those from a full install anyhow.

The tech guys told me to uninstall 7.5c first then 7.5, next run the 7.5 updater, then aim the 7.5c updater into the 7.5 folder. Which I'm going to try tomorrow. I'm a bit loath to dumping 7b altogether seeing as it is the only one which has worked relatively properly and I've set it's own special preferences path so it doesn't interfere with 7.5. If someone can establish for sure that having both running on the same machine is the problem then I'll risk it.

06-17-2003, 02:50 PM
Tried it clean but Modeler still came out dirty.
Back to 7.5.