View Full Version : proceedural problem

02-26-2006, 08:45 PM
had an object done in LW7.5. which I bought up in LW 8.5. The object is 2 long rectangle poly's that line up 90 dergrees to each othre and run down the Z axis. I used an electrical arching effect (read it, used it, worked great) created with the marble texture 0 diffuse...0 luminosity....used a color marble texture and luminosity texture where you lower the mable turbulance way down to .025 to get the single vein and put it on the X texture axis... except in LW8.5 the same scene and object texture does not behave like it used to in 7.5? did newtek change the proceedural algorythm or math stuff... bummer

Anyone remember this effect, it was in a tutorial somewhere, but for it just not to work anymore in 8.5 sucks. Theres always another way, but I already had it looking good once.

Thanks for any help...I suspect it's a change in the proceedural math.

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