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02-24-2006, 05:06 PM
Need texture maps(rivet bump,reflection,dirt/grime) for one part of aircraft fuselage (detailed enough for close ups). Short term - possible long term after rest of aircraft is completed. See similar example mapping at:

I would be happy with just the rivets for now - I will provide rivet positions.

Model is currently point cloud in both Leica Cylone and Rapidform (on PC) and will be polyed in Rapidform(on PC), then mapped in Lightwave(on MAC).

All future models to be laser scanned from actual size aircraft with Leica HDS3000 scanner, broken into components, then mapped, so also seek long term arrangements if possible.


Additional: pay will probably be below average at this stage, but will be increased later. Hourly or by project is ok.

Thank you,
Wendell Olson
Aeronautica 3D
[email protected]