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02-23-2006, 03:27 AM
Hi everyone.

Searching this forum for 'snap' you get 3 pages! And today using multishift using another layer in the background as a template, I noticed that having 'snap' like the pictrix plugins would be very useful.

And a few minutes later I could use some snap with the lathe tool too...

So come on newtek, add some snap function for every tool...I think that in modo, snap it's like a separate tool that you can add to every tool (I'm not sure about this), and I think that probably the way Lightwave is built this could be hard to copy, but newtek could add this functionality to some tools from time to time...and after looking at the pictrix tools, I think that they must do it.

Not implementing this with the excuse that some 3rd party company already has it doesn't seem like enough to not do it...and ok, pictrix's tools are freeware (not all...but hey sp_move, sp_rotate, sp_size, arc, etc. make me happy enough, and $10 for sp_move2 is fine), but imagine that tomorrow their website goes down, or they stop developping this, what happens to new users that couldn't get these plugins?

So come on, this has been asked for years, and now we can see that it can be nicely done (the people I know that use 3dmax, autocad are red with envy when they see me using the pictrix tools) so give us that please. :thumbsup:

erhm...if LW9 already has this...sorry! :foreheads