View Full Version : Get LWCad..er...upgrade to LW9 NOW!!

02-22-2006, 06:29 AM
This thread may be considered a double post as I am taking my comments from SpinQuad but I feel strongly enough about this that I want to be sure that at least two LW bases are covered. So I apologize in advance if this seems to be out of form.

Those of you who have not upgraded yet need to rethink your reasoning especially in light of the LWCAD incentive promotion: I think LWCad is a brilliant piece of plugin code and will raise the productivity of any Lightwaver that touches the world of right angles or curves. In short this is a tool that should be in every Lightwavers toolbox.

LWCad is just too useful and fully featured just to be overlooked. If you haven't upgraded already you need to do so as you are missing out on a great addition to the Lightwave toolbox.

I am very happy this developer is onboard in the toolset expansion arena. I am almost a bit giddy with some of the time corners this tool is going to lop off for me.

Frankly I am amused by the rather absurd claims that this software has terrible documentation. I think the LWCad documentation along with cgswami's well-done tutorial is almost all one needs to get up to the elbows quickly in applying these tools.

As powerful and feature rich the toolset is the LWCad plug application really is not that complicated to use if one already understands how to use Modeler in general. And if one does not understand Modeler to some extent then how can the plugins be used anyways?

So with all due respect to guys who have been mild-mannered (as I understand a certain level of polite uncertainty)- voiced concerns about the documentation in my opinion are literally unfounded. You can use this toolset on a solid and serious level literally after a short training session.

My hope is that someone may read this that has not upgraded due to these rather superstitious fears. If you have not upgraded I would do so immediately! LWCad is worth every free penny that has been handed to you- plus a lot more when you consider just exactly what else $365.00 upgrade cost is also purchasing. It is almost mind-boggling how much software that money is buying.

02-22-2006, 06:46 AM
I TOTALLY Agree theo - And I bought LWCad a year ago. Version 2 is imminent and I cant wait.

The tools are now invaluable to me. MASSIVE time savings are had. I upgraded a second copy of Lightwave just to get the tools on another workstation.

Do not miss this opportunity.


02-22-2006, 10:06 AM
yup rather pleased with my upgrade already with vue 5 infitie and lwcad alone worht more than the price of the upgrade throw in the lw 9 beta which well . hmmmmmmm....... cant talk about it but i can say i'm not worried aobut lightwaves future

rather than waiting to see what 9 gives you should jump now instead as is a frigging awesome deal even if lw turned out to be 8.5 ( which its not )

02-22-2006, 12:05 PM
LWCAD rocks. I would love to see this kind of functionality brought into some of modelers existing tools.

In case you were wondering Newtek, that's a big hint.