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05-16-2003, 03:17 PM
I've been fiddelling around with Modeller and LW quite a while now trying to find a sollution to my problems by my self, but without succsess.
This is what I struggle with:
Modeller crashes if I try to preview a material in surface editor (inside modeller of course) with a BRDF-shader attached. I get the error msg. "Illegal opperation..bla bla..in module gcore3d.dll".
This is what I tried to do:
I un-installed and reinstalled an previous version of the app (7b). When I tried to preview the material here, it worked just fine. So I thought; "Ok, the same file is in 7.5 too, so let's try this old one in 7.5. I made a copy of it, and installed 7.5 again. Made a backup of the new gcore3d.dll file and replaced it with the 7b version. Modeller started up, and no problems in the surface editor either. "YESS!" But..no. In short: LightWave would not initialize and start up. So i repeated the process with gcore, but backwards, so that the newest version was in use. Now everything started up just fine, but still with the g'ol surface problems.
My current sollution to this have been to turn off the shader when swiching from LW to Modeller. But this is a boresome process as more and more surfaces (and edits) are made. Any suggestions?

My second problem ( sorry, but yes there is:p ) is the renderer in LightWave. I actually discovered this one just a few weeks ago (make up your own thoughts about how much I've struggled with this before posting it here..). It's about raytracing and caustics. And this problem was present when I tried LW 7b too.
It goes like this:
I set up one or several lights, doesn't matter. It doesn't matter either what the settings in the Caustics or Lights options are. When I check on the "Affect caustics" option for the light, and then render, LightWave crashes after approx 60-70% in the caustics calculations process. In the error message it says "Illegal operation..module: lightwave.exe". I've tried it all, (values and such) but no difference. Any thoughts about this one?

The third - and final. Promise! - problem is when rendering raytraced and (sometimes) radiosity-enabled images. They get a yellow or tourquise color in either the shadows, middletones or hightlights. Try imagine how frustrating this is when the machine have chunked out a image by the night, you have big expectations for the result, just to notice these horrible artefacts :mad:

Please..someone..help me out here. I love LightWave, but this is not the right steps towards marriage;)

My current system:
Lightwave 7.5
136 GIG HD (one WDC 120G and an old 16G backup hdisk)
Ahtlon XP 2000+ running at 115x12.5 (my powersupply can't handle more..)
nVidia GeForce 256 with the latest drivers (not sure about the openGL drivers tho..are these supplied with the driverfile?)
DVD, Burner and some other ****..

Awaiting deperate help,
submesh web/design

05-16-2003, 05:53 PM
Hi submesh,

I see you mention using BRDF, if you are using this, (and I believe there are other shaders too which cause the same problem,), with caustics the, I have found the combination fatal - Craaaaash.

Hope that helps, with regard to the other problems maybe someone else can chip in.

05-17-2003, 02:04 PM
Uh..but what if I have to use this, or other, shader? Do I have to multi-pass render one with caustics and one with BRDF then, and merge them in PS? Shouldn't be neccesary.. :( But thanks dude..I'll check it out when in front of my workstation :)