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02-17-2006, 07:28 AM
First the question, and then I will tell you what, why, when and where.

Question: (hold on tight)

Could it be possible to make a 'mod' for Lightwave so you can export models AND there movements to C++.
I would like to create a mod by myself with Lscript but I first need to know:
-How are the models saved?
-Is there a way to save them animations?
Second I want to know:
-Is there a programm that looks a bit like this? (I would like to examine that one)

I would really apreciate any help!

Now the explanation for this question:

I'm into C++'ing lately and become very good at it. I've already made some txt-based games that work very well with everything on it.
Now I want to make models in LW (envoirements, caracters, etc.) so I can get them into C++ but to do that I need to create a programm with Lscript (I want to use Lscript because I think: If I use Lscript I may find a easy way to also get all the 'movements' C++ useable.
I've also posted this one in the Lightwave scripting section... (because I don't know where I can get the most help on this.)

I apreciate all help!

(I'll update when I think I've forgot something.)
(and sorry for my crappy english :) )

thx in advance!