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02-15-2006, 10:08 AM
I have deveoped a screamernet script designed to run on OS X servers it uses a template file and creates a series of discreate LWSN renderers. this wil allow the system to parallel render NFX2 and seems to be less prone to crashes.

here is the content of the LWSN-pn cmdline file
-3 -c"BHD1TB:render:Prefs" -d"BHD1TB:LightWave [8]:Content" "BHD1TB:LightWave [8]:Content:Scenes:Animation" start enda 1

Here is the script that controlls the rendering.

set num=$1
set end=$2
set anim=$3
set start=$4
set interval=$5
set enda=1
set cnum = 1
while ( $num )
@ cnum = $num + 2
ditto -rsrc LWSN LWSN-p${num}
@ enda = $start + $interval
echo $enda
sed -e 's/Animation/'$3'/' -e 's/start/'{$start}'/' -e 's/enda/'${enda}'/' 'LWSN-pn cmdline'| tr -d '\n' > "LWSN-p${num} cmdline"
cat "LWSN-p${num} cmdline"
echo ssh felcl${cnum} sudo -u administrator open -a '"'"/Volumes/BHD1TB/LightWave [8]/programs/LWSN-p${num}"'"'
ssh felcl${cnum} sudo -u administrator open -a '"'"/Volumes/BHD1TB/LightWave [8]/programs/LWSN-p${num}"'"'
@ start = $start + $interval + 1
@ num++

sleep 30
if ($num >$end) then
exit (0)

I hope this helps other people on the mac platform.
Eric Ading
Naval Postgraduate school.