View Full Version : LW9 videos - machine specs ? proton ?

02-14-2006, 02:46 PM
Hi !

Did anyone maybe looked at those 2 new videos ulpaded to LW9 videos? I'm interested to hear what machine specs proton used in making them ?

That Otrho_Camera.mov get me interested 'coz i see subpatched car in demo and while proton is SAVING video demo (i guess its camtasia and it sure occupies soem CPU resources) he renders that car in less than 2 seconds (1.1 sec first and 1.6 sec second time) ? That looks pretty decent and i can't say that i can do under 2 secs of render in current LW 8.5 of anything subpached above 3000 polys :)? Maybe LW9 renderspeed is really fast or proton used some Quad Opetron machine ;).

any spec about that machine proton ? polycount of car ? subpatch level ?