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02-13-2006, 01:45 PM

I would like to show you video how your spline modeling and general modeling could be improved by our the latest plug-in EasySpline..

Download AVI 11 MB better quality here:

Download MOV 9 MB lower quality here:

On the video you could see a few new tools that are used:

- EasySpline_MakeSpline - it converts traditional geometry to splines.. Each polygon edge is now 2 vertices spline.. You could f.e. take your low-res models made for game, launch this tool and with just a one click per spline convert it to multi-milion high-density geometry if needed..

- EasySpline_SplinePoint - essencial spline modeling tool.. Once you use it you will never want to use traditional LightWave tools for spline modeling.. Left mouse click is used for dragging and moving existing points in spline to new coordinate, or if there is no point in specified range (it's shown as blue circle on video) new point on spline is created and moved to mouse position, until you release left mouse key! Right mouse key is used to adjust range in which points are searched, without forcing you to go to Numeric window, which unbelieveable speeds up workflow..

- EasySpline_FreezeSpline - using this tool you will convert splines to full geometry in just one click.. It's interactive tool, therefore you could adjust density of newly generated geometry while watching how it looks like in view ports.. On the video you can see how effective and optimized is this tool, creating thousands of polygons while user is adjusting Segments control.. It's also used as general options window: the all settings you set in this tool will be also working with EasySpline_QuickFreezeSpline, EasySpline_ToggleFreezeSpline and the real-time refreshed EasySpline polygon handler that we will show in the near future too..

- EasySpline_ToggleFreezeSpline - switch on/off showing generated geometry, used for checking how spline model looks like in reality.. Does not require selecting splines that will be patched, nor setting anything (uses settings and freezing engine from EasySpline_FreezeSpline)..

EasySpline is currently in production stage, but you could pre-order it with discount to the premier date right now and use it as one of the first in the LightWave community!

For more information please click http://easyspline.trueart.pl

The first 100 clients that will pre-order it right now will receive free gift!

Best Regards!