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02-13-2006, 11:11 AM
We [RSGi] are working with Lightning Rod Studios [of Milwaukee - www.lightningrodstudios.com ] to produce a feature length SciFi/Horror Film. As a result we need a few more CGI artists; since our group is more involved with the executive parts of the filming process, and we only have limited time to work on the CG. We have already started the preliminary processes and hope to have the financing wrapped up by May, with filming in August.

If you want to help out, this is for pay. I do not have the numbers yet, but this is just to get a list ready so that when we have the budget we can approach the appropriate people to get started.

We are looking for...
1 Texture Artist [someone who is very good at it]
2 Character/Organic Animator Modelers

Please send a resume to me with your previous work history and also please send three of your best examples [still images] of texturing and/or links to animations if you are looking to offer services for the character animation parts.

- LightWave knowledge or the ability to use compatible software
- Ability to work with a schedule
- Ability to work with others, and communicate readily about shared work.

The base of ops is in Milwaukee, WI; be sure you have no problem working over the phone or highspeed to complete your tasks unless you are in the local area.

AJ Goodwin
[email protected]nail.net