View Full Version : LightWave RTG Patch for AmigaOS4

02-13-2006, 06:31 AM
Released by popular request.

LightWave RTG Patch is a small tool to allow LightWave to correctly function
on RTG-only systems running AmigaOS4 (http://os4.hyperion-entertainment.biz/).

LightWave's rendering preview expects a classic Amiga planar screen to be
opened and treats it as such, performing direct access to the screen's
planes. This does not work under RTG graphic systems because they do not
support the classical planar screen formats used on old Amiga hardware.
Unfortunately it is not possible to disable the preview, therefore the
only way to make it work is to patch it.

This patch must be started once (and only once!) before starting LightWave.
It can be stopped by a CTRL+C command. This is an ugly hack, therefore it
is not guarranteed to work on future versions of OS4. Also be catious using
it, I am not responsible for any damange caused by the use this patch!