View Full Version : Lightwave 7.5 + Lightwave Essentials 10 DVD series

02-12-2006, 06:03 PM
Hi there.

I'm new to this forum so if it's not OK to offer up stuff here - tell me.

I'd like to offer a copy of Lightwave 7.5, CD, book, the whole package along with the Lightwave Essentials (http://www.desktopimages.com/LW7DVD.shtml) DVD set.

Just selling it since I rarely use it anymore. I also have a copy of the Sasquatch (full version) plug-in for hair and fur if you're interested.

What would you be willing to shell out for this. Every part of it is in pristine shape and form, if you want to put it on your shelf.


02-13-2006, 03:38 PM
Not complaining.... but... <Points all the way down the main page> There are classifieds for you there.